Pinter 7

This was the final set in the Pinter at The Pinter by numbers, I saw all but Pinter 2. And after being completely puzzled by Pinter 1 I found myself enjoying each one more as I understood more about where the ‘mini-plays’ were coming from. Over the series I saw some amazing actors – listed … More Pinter 7

Come From Away

This was one I booked a while ago, it came to the stage in London after playing to audiences across North America for 3 years. I was early to my seat so had a good chat to a couple of people sat around me. My neighbour was last in, still in plenty of time, he … More Come From Away

Don Quixote

This is a Royal Shakespeare Production playing at the Garrick Theatre in Charring Cross Road. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know anything about the play or Don Quixote so had no idea what to expect. I had dinner at Bill’s in Brewer Street before I walked to the theatre, I’ve been using the Bill’s … More Don Quixote

A Year of Theatre

In 2018 I decided to expand on my annual trip to the theatre on New Years Eve by having ‘A Year of Theatre’. I’d started to see more theatre in 2018 but expanded things this year. It’s been such an amazing experience I won’t be stopping in 2019. I really wish I’d written about each … More A Year of Theatre

The Snowman – Film 55 – 119 minutes

Director – Thomas Alfredson Main Cast Michael Fassbenber Rebecca Ferguson Charlotte Gainsbourg Jonas Karlsson Michael Yates Ronan Vibert   I needed a film that didn’t make me cry and this one certainly fit the bill.  This is a dark, psychological thriller, with murders in the snow.  I found the scenery fascinating, proof of how the … More The Snowman – Film 55 – 119 minutes

Films 41 – 45

Film 41 – War For The Planet of The Apes – 12A- 149 M inutes Director – Matt Reeves Main Cast Andy Serkis Woody Harrelson Steve Zahn Karin Konval Amiah Miller Terry Notary I’d never see a Planet of The Apes at the cinema, in fact I’d never seen a modern day version.  I have … More Films 41 – 45