Limitless – a year of film

I’ve found a new obsession, I’ve always enjoyed going to the pictures, which is what those old people amongst us call the cinema.  As a teenager I used my school train pass to travel with friends and probably the odd boyfriend to South Woodford or caught the bus to Brentwood or Romford to watch the latest film.

I can’t remember too much about those I chose to watch but I was certainly a fan of the Star Wars films and can vividly remember Grease, Saturday Night Fever, more than the odd Clint Eastwood film and strangely Apocalypse Now.

With the advent of Vidoes, DVD’s Sky, oh and of course children, visits to the cinema became infrequent.  I started to rekindle my love for film with my friend Sue couple of years ago with the occasional visit, without fail we’d watch virtually every trailer and exclaim – ooh – I want to see that one!  Then before we knew it, the DVD was being advertised on the TV.  She and I got a telling off last year when we went to watch the 2nd Marigold Hotel film.  My fault entirely, I seemed to utter strange sounds every time Richard Gere appeared on the screen, that man is definitely getting better as he gets older (purely in an acting sense of course!)

I’ve built a love of Comic Book films and their characters in recent year,  I saw someone locally for a while and he and I watched Notebook on DVD one evening, from his collection, I shed a few tears, he sobbed.  When I came home and looked at my own DVD collection it was clear we weren’t a match, Batman, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond didn’t have quite the same appeal.

I took to going to the cinema on my own having had no choice a couple of years ago having been let down.  I decided that I liked watching alone,  I went to see the latest X Men film solo, which in the words of my son Jake made me a ‘Freak’.  I explained to him that I go to watch the film not have a chat so that’s all fine.

In 2017 I’ve decided I’m not going to miss any films on the big screen and have signed up for Odeon Limitless, that means I pay £17.99 a month and I can go whenever I want to.  I want to track the films I watch and those of you that know me, know I have the odd opinion so I’m going to share my opinion of each film.  I expect that’ll evolve over time as usual I’ll just sit and type and see what comes out.  I’ve got a bit of a backlog – 7 to be precise so will bombard this blog for a while with film shizzle, hope those who choose to read enjoy.

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