Film 11 – Jackie – 100 minutes – 15

Director – Pablo Larrain

Main Cast

  • Natalie Portman
  • Peter Sarsgaard
  • Billy Crudup
  • John Hurt
  • Richard E Grant


I’ve found my first film to be less than glowing about, but first to start with a positive.  Natalie Portman must have studied Jackie Kennedy/Onassis for hours; I knew she had the look but checked some interviews of the lady herself when I got home and Portman’s portrayal is like watching Jackie herself.  The film is set over around a week, a momentous week in American history when their President was assassinated.  Jackie’s perspective is told through an interview she gives to the Billy Crudup journalist.  The film brought back a lot of memories of books I’d read about the family, they were a subject I found fascinating at one time.  But for me the film dragged, a friend commented on my post about Manchester by The Sea, that she didn’t want it to end, that’s a film will a full 37 minutes more but I felt the same.  While this film covers a very difficult time it was rather slow.  John Hurt’s final performance was an added bonus as was being given an idea of what the White House looked like.  It also gave pause for thought on the new resident in the building.

Will you Learn anything?  I realised I knew a fair amount about this time, but yes, I’d say you will learn about the incident itself and JF Kennedy’s funeral

Did I cry?  Unusually I didn’t

Will you cry?  I cry at most films, so I’d say not

Worth watching at the cinema?  There are so many good films to watch at the moment you won’t lose anything by waiting for this one to come out on DVD.  That way you can make a cuppa as it goes along.


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