Gifted – Film 54 – 12A – 101 minutes

Director – Marc Webb

Main Cast 

  • Chris Evans
  • McKenna Grace
  • Lindsay Duncan
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Jenny Slate


This was a film I missed first time round, so I took advantage of the Silver Screen offer and I’m so glad I did.  What a lovely film!  The story of an Uncle trying to do the best or his niece after she was left with him when his sister died.  He sends her to school where they discover her genius, which leads to a battle with his Mother.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film, in a needing many tissues way, McKenna Grace was a delight and Chris Evans (Captain America) played his part perfectly.  Octavia Spencer who was in one of my favourite films of the year – Hidden Figures – played a lovely cameo too.

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