Murder on The Orient Express – Film 58 – 114 minutes – 12A

Director – Kenneth Branagh

Main Cast 

  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Daisy Ridley
  • Lesley Odom Jr
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Josh Gad
  • Johnny Depp
  • Derek Jacobi
  • Lucy Boynton
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Judi Dench
  • Olivia Colman
  • Willem Dafoe

A long cast list full of stars!  I do like an Agatha Christie mystery, this did drag a little for me, but I did enjoy watching Poirot go about his business amongst the famous.  The plot is convoluted, the scenery stunning as the train gets stuck in an avalanche.  The film left me with a longing to go on a long train journey.  It had a real romance about it.

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