Cricket Travels 2018


During my rugby travels last year I decided I rather liked visiting National Trust properties, so, on a visit to Cardiff I joined up.  It cost me £5.40 a month in the first year and this coming year is I believe £5.75 a month, amazing value! .  I drive all over the country watching sport, rugby in the winter, cricket, literally all summer.  Rather than drive to the stadium then drive home I decided to find National Trust properties to break my journey.


My target for this trip was Leeds, to watch England play Pakistan in the second test match of the summer.  A friend checked his NT App for me and we spotted Belton House, just outside of Grantham.  That’s about halfway to Leeds from Chelmsford so a perfect place to stop off.


I confess one of my main motivations is to partake of a cream tea!  And in this case it was most delightful, so much nicer than fast food in a service station!


It isn’t all about the food though, I like to give my camera a work out that doesn’t involve a ball!  Belton House has truly beautiful grounds, with the added bonus of Goslings lying near a lake.  The gardens were big enough to sit and ponder awhile, it was delightfully quiet , amazing considering it’s half term!


There were lots of families enjoying the grounds and gardens, taking enjoyment in simple pleasures, in these days of constant staring at screens it was great to see.


As well as sharing my photos I’m going to take an explanation of the estate form the NT leaflet –

Belton House is the former home of the Brownlow family and is often cited as being the perfect example of an English country house estate.


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