Pinter 6 – The Harold Pinter Theatre

I’m in the middle of writing about my year of theatre in 2018, I saw 60 live performances so it’s taking me some time. For 2019 I’m going to write a little about each play/show I watch.

This was my fourth visit to the theatre to watch this series of Pinter plays. Pinter 6 comprised Party Time and Celebration. There were 9 actors taking part in each play, which was considerably more than the other performances I’d seen.

Each performance has had top drawer actors and this was no exception – Ron Cook, Phil Davis, Celia Imrie, Gary Kemp, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Abraham Popoola, John Simm, Katherine Kingsley and Eleanor Matsuura

Both plays were comedies, and my favourite set so far. An extract from the website explains more about the content –

A scathing and bitterly amusing attack on the increasingly powerful and narcissistic super-rich, set against the backdrop of terrifying state oppression, the highly pertinent Party Time is paired with Harold Pinter’s final play, Celebration.

Celebration is an irresistible comedy about the vulgarity and ostentatious materialism of the nouveau riche, set in a fashionable London restaurant. An evening of social satire that chimes with our times, directed by Jamie Lloyd.

It’s been quite amazing to see such well known actors and with each performance I see I understand more about Pinter and his writing. I’ve booked to see Pinter 5 and 7, which means I’ll have missed only Pinter 2.

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