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This was a Valentines Day trip to the theatre, I pretty much had no idea what to expect, I did think I was going to watch a musical, but no, this was a play.

And a funny play at that, with some very sharp acting, this was a National Theatre Production transferred to the West End. I bought a restricted view ticket in the Upper Circle for under £20. My view was really only restricted when people in front of me leant forward.

The set was an elaborate one, a 2 storey house in effect. This was the take of a couple in love with the 50’s, their home looks like something from that era, they both dress in vintage clothes, even their fridge, which works off and on, is from that time.

But, the matter at the core of the play is the fact that Judy, played by Katherine Parkinson has chosen to take her whole life back to the 50’s. Having been made redundant she and her estate agent husband, Richard Harrington, take the decision that she’ll be an old fashioned housewife. At first it seems to be a perfect arrangement. This is a funny play, Judy’s Mum, Sylvia, played by Susan Brown, is clearly more than disappointed that her daughter has chosen to give away access to the things she fought for along with generations of women before her.

It becomes plain that all isn’t rosy in the 50’s garden as money becomes tight and Johnny feels uncomfortable as a husband being waited on hand and foot.


The Guardian review is a good one, well worth a read. I’m glad I saw this one, Katherine Parkinson was great in her role, but I did find her high pitched voice slightly annoying by the end of the play.

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