In Basildon

It’s not often I’ve been left speechless after the end of a performance. But that was certainly the case with this latest production at the Queens Theatre.

In Basildon is part two of the Spring series of plays/shows at this lovely local theatre. I’ve been to a lot of performances here and with the exception of Abigail’s Party, been impressed and entertained by everything I’ve seen.

In Basildon takes pride of place over Abigail’s Party as the play I’ve least enjoyed at the Queens, In fact as the play I’ve least enjoyed full stop!

I’m Essex born and bred, I was born in Oldchurch Hospital in Romford and have lived in Essex for all but 2 years of my life. While Basildon isn’t one of the places I’ve lived in Essex I found the first half of this play, insulting and to a great degree unpleasant to watch. I’ve never heard so much swearing in life, let alone on a stage.

Things weren’t helped by several members of the audience who seemed to think it was fine to chat all the way through as if they were in their living rooms.

I must commend the actors for soldiering on with some very loud distractions from the audience, as always the actors were great, with Lucy Benjamin of Eastenders fame was good to see.

It’s the first time I’ve been tempted to leave at half time, but I was invested enough to want to know what happened in Part 2, after a death in the family and an altered will to be revealed.

I was with my friends Sheila and John and their friend Dorena, we did at least have a laugh in the break, having sat and looked at each other aghast during the play.

Things got more surreal when we went back for part 2 to find our seats occupied, in spite of the fact I’d left my coat on my seat the chatty lady had told these people our seats were empty! She then proceeded to tell us we hadn’t been sitting there in the first half. That lady takes the prize for the most obnoxious person I’ve encountered at the theatre!

Part 2 of this play about a family in turmoil and loss, was better than the first, it explained the reasons the 2 sisters were so hate filled, and feeling the need to swear at each other quite as much. But it just stopped, in a way that we were unsure if it was over or not.

The play has some amusing moments, but all in all this is one I really can’t recommend, not my thing at all!

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