I booked this musical as an after thought, one of the much hyped productions on the stage in London at the moment, I’d avoided it for a while. But Sara Bareilles pulled me in, she wrote the music and lyrics and I’m a fan of hers.

Waitress is based on a book by Jessie Nelson, it tells the tale of Jenna, the Waitress in question, and her loveless relationship with her husband.

Katharine McPhee pays Jenna, making her London debut after playing the same role on Broadway. Katharine was runner up in American Idol in 2006, she really has a lovely singing voice, there’s nothing quite like listening to a great voice on the stage.

Jenna not only serves pies in the pie shop she works in, she also conceives and bakes them. Alongside her are Becky, played by Marisha Wallace and Dawn played by Laura Baldwin. The pair bring a good deal of comedy to the show, together with Dawn’s love interest Ogie, played by Jack McBrayer, he had the audience laughing out loud.

A pleasant surprise for me was to see David Hunter playing the part of Dr Pomatter, I’d seen him playing Charlie in Kinky Boots at the same theatre, he’s great!

The show takes us through a difficult time for Jenna as she learns of her pregnancy, coming out the other side with the help of her boss, Joe.

A couple of friends had seen this show and been unimpressed, I wonder if I’m too easily pleased, buy I thoroughly enjoyed it and joined the standing ovation at the end.

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