Film 19 -John Wick Chapter 2 – 122 minutes

Director – Chad Stahelski

Main Cast

  • Keanu Reeves
  • Riccardo Scamarcio
  • Ian McShane
  • Ruby Rose
  • Common

I don’t have too many words for this film – it was 122 minutes of mayhem.  During the film review programme on Radio 5 Simon Mayo mentioned 2 figures, one for Moonlight and one for John Wick.  The first was 8 the second 147 (I think) – the first was the number of Oscar nominations for Moonlight the second the number of people killed by John Wick.  I haven’t seen the first film but it didn’t stop me enjoying Chapter 2, Jon Wick is a man of few words and many bullets.  The films was fast paced, exciting and strangely, at times funny, I did laugh out loud several times.  Keanu Reeves was impressive for the physical aspect of the film, he must spend a lot of time keeping fit.  If death and destruction with some pretty impressive martial arts moves is your thing you’ll enjoy this film.

Did I cry?  Absolutely not

Will you cry?  Absolutely not

Worth watching at the cinema?  I’d say yes, I was away for the weekend and knew my more girlie friends wouldn’t want to watch this one, so went on my own – good entertainment.

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