Film 18 – Split – 117 minutes – 15

Director M Knight Shyamalan

Main Cast 

  • James McAvoy
  • Anna Taylor-Joy
  • Betty Buckley
  • Hayley Lu Richardson
  • Jessica Sula
  • Izzy Coffey

This was an off the wall film for me, I went with my friend Sue and looked to see a film I hadn’t seen, that pretty much left us with Split.  A sign that this isn’t the sort of film I’d pick is that with the exception of Logan Both Sue and I shrank away from the trailers, there was no – ooh must see that! – more – no way do I want to watch that!   This film is a thriller which literally takes your breath away, both of us were glued to the screen as we watched McAvoy play a man with 23 different personalities. He portrayed 4 of those characters in some detail, his acting was truly remarkable, the film kept you on the edge of your seat and had several shocking twists.   Anna Taylor-Joy matched McAvoy on the acting front and her young counterPart was a joy too. 

Did I cry?  I was too scared to cry! 

Will you cry? It’s not that kind of film

Worth watching at the cinema?  Yes, to get the full effects I’d highly recommend the big screen! 

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