Film 17 – 50 Shades Darker -118 minutes – 18

Director –  James Foley

Main Cast –

  • Dakota Johnson
  • Jamie Dornan
  • Eric Johnson
  • Eloise Mumford
  • Bella Heathcote
  • Rita Ora
  • Luke Grimes


I was a fan of the 50 Shades books, in spite of many saying they weren’t well written, i enjoyed all 3, I probably got a little bored half way through book 3, but I bought into the characters and enjoyed the content.  I wasn’t the least bit tempted to watch the first film at the cinema but saw it on the TV and was surprised to find I enjoyed it.  So with my Limitless Cinema ticket it was a no brainer to go and watch the 2nd film in the series.  I went with my friends Tina and Stella and we walked into a cinema that was fairly full, of women, I think there were 2 men behind us.  Quite a few loud conversations continued through the trailers, but once the film started it was quiet.  I imagine that like me they were captivated not only by the actors but by the story line too.  Anastasia and Christian were very believable and I wasn’t left thinking ‘not as good as the books’ at any point.  There was one implausible part of the film involving a helicopter, but, the scenery was great, the musical score even better.  The sex scenes were mostly subtle, I’ll be honest and say I’d have enjoyed seeing more of Christian, unlike Anna he felt the need to keep his trousers on a lot.  Jamie Dornan has obviously put a lot of work into looking good naked, that work deserved more of an airing :-).  There will clearly be a 3rd film and I’ll be one of the first in line to watch it!

Did I cry?  Nearly, but not quite

Will You cry?  I doubt it

Worth watching in the cinema?  A resounding yes from me!


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