Film 21 – Fences -139 minutes – 12A

Director – Denzel Washington

Main Cast

  • Denzel Washington
  • Viola Davis
  • Stephen Henderson
  • Jovan Adepo
  • Russell Hornsby
  • Myketi Williamson
  • Saniyya Sidney


I made a mistake with this one, having seen the trailer for weeks and really looks forward to watching it I listened to what Mark Kermode had to say about the film and thought about it as I was watching.  His viewpoint was that this was a play that didn’t translate well to film, for a long while I found myself agreeing.   There were a lot of monologues, largely from Troy, the Denzel Washington character, I had a young couple sat next to me and as they were leaving the comment I overheard was ‘that was bl**dy hard work’ I had to agree, it was.  The story of a family basically which could have been set anywhere, it was worth the work of sitting through.  The acting was immense in total and I can fully understand why Viola Davis was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, although I can’t understand why she wasn’t simply the Best Actress – the emotion she showed was so real as the family went through the turmoil of an unfaithful husband.  I cried shed loads of tears at the end as I had clearly bought into all of the characters.

Did I cry – Loads!

Will you cry – If you can last the pace I’d say you will

Worth watching at the cinema?  It was hard work, but I’d say yes, to get the full force of the acting it is worth a trip to the cinema


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