Breathe – Film 55 – 118 minutes

Director – Andy Serkis

Main Cast

  • Andrew Garfield
  • Claire Foy
  • Ed Speleers
  • Tom Holland
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes
  • Amit Shah


I was away in Manchester with time on my hands and the Trafford Centre nearby, luckily   the centre has a 20 screen Odeon.  I was very tempted to go and watch Thor, but I’d pre booked that for a few days later.  I’d seen a trailer for Breathe and having seen Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge was interested in how he’d do in a different role.  This is a must see film, based on the true story of a remarkable couple, Robert Cavendish falls ill to Polio and is paralysed from the neck down. The film tells the story of his wife Diana’s determination that he’d live and their battle as a couple against the establishment that believed sufferers should stay in hospital and die fairly quickly.  The film tells a remarkable and moving love story as well as a shocking tale of the treatment of disabled people.   This, is a packet of tissues, trying to subdue the sobs film, I loved it!

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