An ad came up on Facebook for this show, Violet. I’d seen 2 other productions at the Charring Cross Theatre and loved them! It’s an intimate venue which means you’re never far from the action.

The set up was different for this production, the stage was in the ’round’ on the floor in the middle of the theatre. I’d bought a ticket in the back row but was able to move to the front row as there were plenty of spaces. That meant I could almost touch the actors! I didn’t of course! Having watched Company with a complicated set this was much simpler, with chairs and luggage, it was however, highly effective.

Violet is the story of a young woman with a scarred face, seeking a miracle by way of one of the American TV preachers. Based on a short novel, The Ugliest Pilgrim Violet sets off an a Greyhound bus to attend one of the preachers sessions. On that journey we see the young Violet and her relationship with her father as she reflects on her past.

Kaisa Hammarlund is wonderful in the lead role, her face isn’t disfigured, but the audience gets an impression of how she looks from the way people she meets react to her. Young Violet is played by Madeleine Sellman, a young star!

Violet teams up with 2 servicemen, Flick and Monty, played by Jay Marsh and Matthew Harvey. The story takes place in the early 60’s, Flick is a black man so the show also sees racism rear is ugly head, I think I may have gasped out loud when the ‘N” word was uttered.

The relationships in this show are wonderful, this is one of the few productions I’ve seen that have made me cry as the relationship between Violet and the 2 men plays out.

As with really every show I’ve seen in London and locally the vocals were a joy, I thoroughly enjoyed this and would really recommend a trip to see it. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for what’s on next at The Charring Cross theatre!

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