Kiss Me Quickstep

This was the first of 3 performance at The Queens Theatre in Hornchurch, their Spring season gives the opportunity to see three plays/shows for just £46.

The theatre was transformed into a Blackpool ballroom, with audience seats at the back of the stage forming part of the audience in the story. This is a tale of 3 aspiring young amateur dance couples seeking their fame in the Amateur Dance Championships.

This bittersweet comedy reveals the backstage stories behind the fabulous frocks, fixed smiles and fake tan, looking at the real lives of those for whom dancing is everything.

Written by Amanda Whittington this is another delightful production for the Queens Theatre. We go behind the scenes and into the lives of the 3 couples. The married couple with financial problems, their lives are being ruled by their dancing and it’s costing them far too much. The young girl, whose disabled father dominates her life, he’s ‘bought’ her a Russian dance partner, Luca. Then the golden couple, Lee and Samantha, who lose their way as it becomes plain Samantha has a drink problem.

The show is funny and touching, the dancing impressive, including by the community dancers who take part on the periphery. I’m looking forward to teh next 2 performances In Basildon and The Hired Man.

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