This was my 5th visit to the Trafalgar Studios, it’s becoming a favourite venue. Admissions is being performed in Studio 1, I really don’t think there’s a bad seat to be had. I was quite high up, but had a great view.

I went into this one blind, just reading a little of the blurb on a leaflet when I picked my ticket up. A cast of 5 Alex Kingston, Sarah Hadland, Andrew Woodall, Margot Leicester and Ben Edelman work in a set which moves between being an office and a kitchen with the clever use of lighting.

Alex Kingston play Sherri, an Admissions Officer for a private school in America, she and her Principal husband Bill, played by Andrew Woodall are pushing to change the profile of the school by positively discriminating.

While this is a funny play, Sherri taking Margot Leicester,in charge of the school brochure, through her requirements raises the laughs, it also gives a serious message. as in this instance, Margot points out that she doesn’t look at the students and see colour.

Things are going well however, as the balance at the school is changing, Sherri and Bill are happy as is Ginnie, played by Sarah Hadland, Ginnie is the mother of a mixed race son.

Sherri and Bill’s son Charlie Along with Ginnie’s son are waiting to hear if they’ve been accepted by their university of choice. Ironically the latter is accepted while Charlie has his place deferred.

Charlie arrives home late and is clearly upset by his failure to get his place, Ben Edelman, as Charlie was the star of the play for me, his monologue/rant about positive discrimination is really quite incredible, how he remembers his words I do not know!

The principles of his parents are severely tested when their own son seems to have fallen foul of the same sort of Admissions criteria they themselves have been pushing. It’s all well and good until their own child is affected.

This play does have humour but it also has a very strong message about the position of white men in society. The acting is top drawer as I’ve come to expect at The Trafalgar Studios, it’s well worth watching!

It wasn’t possible to take photos in the theatre, but I passed through the wonderful Trafalgar Square to get to the studios, worth a photo or 2!

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