Merrill Osmond – Nearly a 50 year wait!

The Osmonds first came to the UK in 1972 – nearly 50 years ago, I was 11 then and had already been hooked, their 1973 album The Plan was one of my favourites for many years, it’s to my great regret that I no longer own it. I was realistically too young to be able to see the group at the height of their fame, my gig going started a few years later, Until this evening I’d never heard an Osmonds song sung live.

My friend Alison, is a good friend of Merrill Osmond, how amazing is that! For a few years now we’ve spoken about getting to see him perform, something Alison has done regularly over the years. Now, I KNOW WHY!

There is a saying about meeting your heroes, I didn’t meet Merrill this evening, but I did get to see him singing live at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford. Most of his gigs had been in the North, this was 10 minutes from my home.

I saw George Benson perform a few years ago at Greenwich, I had seen him at the peak of his fame, and I was disappointed in his performance, Elton John at the Twickenham Stoop did not disappoint however This evening with Merrill was a far more intimate affair than either, and it was wonderful!

We were treated to a mix of Osmonds hits, starting with Crazy Horses; hits from the likes of the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder, and even Sweet Caroline! Add in a couple of more recent Merrill songs, including the quite beautiful Here To Remember sung with Merrill’s backing singer – who has a wonderful voice.

Merrill had a great voice back in the 70’s and he still has a great voice, add in the fact that after more than 60 years of doing so, he really is a great performer. I confess to swooning along with the majority of the audience as Let Me In, and Love Me For A Reason, in particular were sung, it’s crazy that we know the words of songs from so long ago, but everyone in the audience did. We sung along. many were on their feet and dancing for the duration, every person who made it to the front, close to the stage had their hand shaken by the man himself. Everyone left with a big smile on their faces, including me, I was transported back to my teenage years and I loved it.

If you were/are an Osmonnds fan? Go and watch Merrill, you will not regret it!

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