365 Happy Days – A smile a day – Part 16

After a crazy rugby weekend of rugby here I am back again; I have plans for what I’m going to write this evening – let’s see if I can stick to them!  I may have mentioned before that I’d never really been on my own from the age of 17, so realistically never really ‘done’ an awful lot on my own.  Single life and probably a need to not be sitting around changed all of that!  It was amazing how quickly I did get used to my own company and I learnt to be content.  However inactivity; sitting round watching TV wasn’t to be a feature for me.  As my 1st May Half Term approached I really felt the need to feel some sun on my back; none of my friends wanted to get away so I decided I’d go anyway!

I admit to a small degree of cowardice – I chose Seville – a place I’d visited 3 or 4 times already; one thing I knew was, it’d be hot!  So, I booked a nice hotel, one I’d stayed in before I realised when I got there.  Being a bit of a wimp I also booked a taxi, I needed to know I’d be safe, something you have to be very well aware of as a woman alone.  I learnt a few things during that trip – firstly it’s really hard to put sun tan lotion on your own back!  There’s also this weird societal thing that says it’s ok for a woman to lunch alone; but extraordinarily odd for a lady to eat an evening meal alone.

I tend to pretty much always wear dresses and I like to wear high heels; I think during those 4 evenings I also seemed to be wearing a 2nd head!  It felt as if every woman thought I might be a threat and every man wasn’t prepared to make nay form of eye contact.  With more and more single people of both ‘varieties’ hopefully people will realise we need to eat as often as they do, and that includes the evening.


Thinking back to those days, I had lots of time to think about Luke; I basically lay in the sun, ate food (while being looked at suspiciously), read books and slept a lot.  I wonder whether that time was the rap start to me finding my “New Normal’ I don’t remember sending time in tears at all.  When Luke died I used to count how many days, then how many weeks, then it came to how many months.  And the crying went from every day to every few, to every week etc…..  In a way it was a little like the 1st night your baby sleeps through the night, it comes as something of a surprise to realise it’s been a few weeks without a tear being shed.

So, it was wonderful what sun and sleep did for me, I think I probably truly relaxed for the 1st time since Luke had gone.  While sunshine is I’m sure at the top of the list for many people and it most certainly was just what I needed at that time; I think my priorities have shifted away from the notion of lying prone and sizzling for hours.  Although I did have a wonderful holiday with my friend Sarah in the summer of 2012, and of course there is a tale to tell about that week!

We thought we’d go and take a look at Magaluf; I have to say it was less than lovely in the evening, basically full of very drunk people.  We stayed for one drink and decided to walk back to the car; I think I probably experienced what is the closest I’ll ever get to a rugby tackle.  A young lad, 18 I think, was running away at full speed, from some security men; he didn’t see me in his way and I was the thing that stopped him in his tracks.  Unlike most rugby players I had no idea the hit was coming; which I think was probably a very good thing.  I went flying, landing on concrete, with only a small scratch on my arm.

He’d hit my calf as he went down however and goodness I thought it was broken that night as I lay in bed in agony!  I couldn’t put my foot on the floor – I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked walking across a beach the next day in those 5 inch heels and a bikini; it seemed to be the only way I could walk!  I had a wonderful time with Sarah, we went to Majorca Rocks and saw Sub-Focus and Pendulum – I was far and away the oldest person there, but boy I loved it!  Back to the joy that is loud dance music!

I repeated the journey the following year with my My friend Sue, again, in spite of a bad pick of apartment we had a wonderful time, sun galore and even some wine this time for me, almost unheard of!  No visits to Magaluf this time, or personally ever again!


I was going to write about my sports filled trips but I think I’ll save that for another time – I’d be here all night if I started now.  Another place I’ve been able to get away to since January 2013 is of course Paris.  How awful having Alexandra living there! I’ll be making my 5th trip over in November, taking the 35 isn minute drive to Ebbsfleet before making the 2 hour journey into the heart of Paris.

I made the school girl error of flying from City Airport once; that will NEVER happen again!  Small Airport means…… small airplane!  And I literally hate flying, well, the taking and landing bits, essential of course, but horrible all the same!  For the 1st few visits we did the tourist stuff in a fairly big way, but as time goes on my trips to Paris are all about seeing Alex, oh, and the odd rugby game.

Crazy English Girl in Paris!

IMG_0308For some strange reason it’s very easy to buy tickets for games at the Stade De France – so in May/June 2013 I took myself to the Top 14 Final – having been congratulated for being at the Premiership Final alone, in spite of being a proper grown up!  Then in February 2014 I went again to see France v England – my next trip in November?  By some strange coincidence France  are playing Australia that weekend!  At least the time I’m taking Alex and Gautier – I’ll share their impressions – I’m expecting my girlie daughter to hate it! Although I have to say the French know how to do an atmosphere and belt out an anthem!

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