365 Happy Days – A smile a day -Part 37

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, I think that’s probably a good thing, I’ve been watching sport galore and writing about it all.  It was my birthday yesterday, always a bit of an odd day, Alexandra had sent me a lovely present and a funny card!





It did make me laugh when I opened it, and of course it is true!  I have a lot to be thankful for – a very beautiful daughter and a lovely son, both working and making their way in life.

In common with their big brother Luke they also both have a strong sense of what is right, neither are afraid to voice their opinions or help people in need.  

When Alex lived in Winchester I think she knew every homeless person by name, she talked to them all and helped them with food.



Jake came home from work one day to find an elderly neighbour on the floor; he didn’t hesitate rush to her help and make sure she got indoors and was settled.

 For all his trouble with the delightful local constabulary Luke had those same traits, he intervened when a police man was being assaulted one evening; with the way he’d been treated by some of this mans’ colleagues it’s amazing that he didn’t turn his back. 

I can recall Luke coming in one evening after walking to town, he was at that time a hoodie/cap chav stylie lad, it was dark and he’d found himself walking behind an elderly lady.  Knowing she was likely to be concerned he took both his hood and cap off and spoke to her to reassure her.  They then walked a way together – so much for this awful ASBO lad!



I guess they get their attitude from their Mum to a large degree, I’m going to recount a few things that have happened to me in recent years, then probably write a bit of a sermon as is my want. 

I  went to a testimonial cricket match for Alastair Cook in Upminster last summer, the afternoon was brilliant, a fair few runs were hit and fun was had by all on the pitch, particularly good to see in the case of the England captain who’d had a troublesome summer. 

The game was at the cricket club which is basically in the middle of a park, as I was walking up I looked up and saw a big group of lads.  There are lots of people leaving the park, more than a few men amongst the crowd.  As we walked one lad launched himself at another, he went with such speed it couldn’t be called a fight, it was more an assault.



 The other boys were egging the ‘fight’ on – the adults in the park?  Either walked straight past or in the case of one man, stood and watched.  He remained watching as I walked past him, towards the lads, asking if he was going to intervene.  I’m sure you know he didn’t move. 

 The aggressor had backed off for a moment so I stood right in front of the boy who was hurt, he was beside himself, a 13 year old who attended MMA classes, as well as being hurt he was humiliated.  I made him look me in the eyes and stand still rather than go after the other lad.  With me there the 2nd lad walked away.

I told the older lads off for allowing it to happen and waited with the 13 year old until his Mum came.  

In the words of one of the boys – I can’t believe it was you who came over! – I had flat shoes and a strapless dress on, they were all bigger and taller than me.  I think my presence and words shocked them into doing the right thing. 

 A different sort of thing, but you’ll start to see a theme – I was at a rugby match, sat in a regular seat with people around me who come every week; Wasps were the opposing team and Christian Wade, an immensely talented winger was playing.  He made a fine move and the man behind me shouted out a racist comment.



Again there were plenty of people around of both sex, I was the only person who said anything to him, I actually couldn’t believe my ears! I also complained to the club, and have to say if I ever hear anything similar again I’ll want the man thrown out. 

 While in London with a friend on New Years Eve we went to Holborn station and there was a little boy, maybe 3 at most standing alone near the top of an escalator, I stopped to see if he was OK. his Dad was dealing with a sibling and had totally turned his back on this little mite.  By talking to him he rushed back to his Dad, he could have fallen down the escalator or been whisked away in an instant! 

 Those of you that know me know I watch a lot of live sport, endless times I’ve reminded foul mouthed men that they’re amongst children, asking them to stop swearing – they always do.

I suppose some might read this and see an interfering busy body, but do you know what I’ll react in the same way again every time!  

Jake thinks I’m going to get punched one day, yet most people know they’re in the wrong.  And while I accept that in some parts it’s hard to intervene with kids, most will do as asked by an adult acting with authority.

It is in all of our powers to intervene in situations, whether that be immediate of by phoning for help, yet so many of us turn a blind eye, walk the other way.  and yes, this is the sermon bit, don’t be one of those people who ignore, if it’s kids think how you’d feel if it was your child being hurt, your child doing wrong.



I suppose what I’m saying is to stand up for those things you know to be right, if it feels wrong it probably is, have the courage to do something about it.  

I was hugely proud of Luke and remain so of Alex and Jake, I know they’d both do the right thing when faced with problems.

Something to make me smile without any doubt – I just hope I never do get that punch Jake is worried about!

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