365 Happy Days – A daily smile – Part 1

I think I may have deleted my original, adding back now

365 Happy Days

I’ve been writing about rugby for over a year now and have loved every minute, a fan of both codes means I always have something to watch and to share my thoughts on. Add in a good portion of cricket and I rarely find myself sitting around doing nothing. I genuinely love the sports I watch and will even find myself at a football (Wendyball) game if I’m lacking rugby.

I find the words flow when I’m talking sport and with that in mind I’m going to have a go at writing about life in general and the reasons the #365HappyDays are so important to me.

Where to start? I have a lot to share bit I think I’ll start a mere 5 years ago.

To set the scene I need to tell you about my family, well, my children. Luke was born on 2 October 1987, so it’s his…

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54 thoughts on “365 Happy Days – A daily smile – Part 1

  1. I’ve read some of your rugby articles and I find it very interesting. I’m from Germany and have recently started writing my own blog. It’s a bit different from yours as you focus on experience while I discuss current topics like salary cap, overseas-player,etc. I’d love if you could read it and even promote it if you like it. You can find it here: http://www.theoffloadrugbyblog.tumblr.com
    Thanks for your time
    Teemu (The Offload Rugby Blog)


    1. One comment on a quick look, try not to have big blocks of text. I was told by a guy that he found it hard to read what I was writing. I was really grateful for that. So for intheloose I’ll try to put a space between most sentences


  2. He had an impressive season so far but, as with most young players, he still lacks some discipline. The best young player is definitely Henry Slade


  3. Yes, amazing to think a club is five minutes from liquidation and they keep alive just by the support of their fans. And now, thanks to the best manger there is, three promotions in five years.


  4. When I have the choice I usually prefer rugby. By the way, did you manage to get ‘good’ tickets for the RWC? My best match is All Blacks v Georgia.


  5. Almost all of my games are in the Millennium. Everybody says: “It’s the best stadium, great atmosphere”. That’s a joke. Just look at the Six Nations. If you can hear ‘Swing low’ in the stadium their fans are definitely not the best.


    1. I’ve sat all over the place at Twickenham and on international day so many are too focussed on beer and not the rugby.
      That’ll be good, going both days?


  6. Getting tickets for the Oval is probably a little bit easier than for Lord’s. If Englands not possible, I’ll watch a Surrey match. Sangakkara and Pietersen are far better than any England international anyway.


  7. The biggest problem is that nobody realizes how much the game has changed. Just look at the World Cup. NZ, Australia and South Africa score over 400 and England still thinks 300 is a good score. The game has changed and England need to adjust.


  8. By the way, as I’m still getting started with my blog I enrolled for place on the Bloggers’ Bench of the Premiership, but sadly I haven’t got a reply. Do you know anything about that?


      1. Jimmy works as the captain on the pitch I think, having watched 11 days last summer and you’d have thought it was him not Cook


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