Film 14 – Loving -123 minutes – 12A

Director – Jeff Nichols

Main Cast

  • Ruth Negga
  • Joel Edgerton
  • Will Dalton
  • Chris Greene
  • Nick Kroll


Another film based on a true story around Civil Rights in America in the early 1960’s, Richard and Mildred Loving fall in love and marry, the film is based around the position in the State of Virginia over mixed marriages.  It’s a thoughtful film which portrays a time of great change in America, the pace is slow but it gives those watching a chance to understand the fabric of the couple.  Although I was born in the 60’s as this history was being made a lot of it passed me by and I’m finding it a fascinating period in time.

Will you learn anything?  Yes, you’ll realise just how hard it was to live in America for certain people and get an understanding of just how prejudiced some were.  I’m finding several films to be very poignant with the situation in America as it is right now.

Did I cry?  I most certainly did!

Will you cry?  It’s a very poignant film

Worth watching at the cinema?  I enjoyed the film and the quietness of the cinema certainly ensured I stayed glued to the screen, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must for the big screen.


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