Film 15 – Gold – 120 minutes – 15

Director  – Stephen Gaghan

Main Cast –

  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Edgar Ramirez
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Corey Stoll
  • Stacy Keach


I’d seen the trailers for this film as I have most at the moment several times and it looked like great Matthew McConaughey fare.  I caught Mark Kermode talking about the film, he clearly isn’t a fan, he went into the meaning etc in a big way.  To me this is a piece of entertainment, I enjoyed the story, thought it was well acted and the scenery was well worth seeing on a big screen.  I do at times think that film critics look into films too much, sometimes it can just be a good spectacle and I do believe Gold is that.  Matthew McConaughey is almost unrecognisable due to the weight he put on for the film, but as always he portrays his character well, with Edgar Ramirez playing a good double act with him as they look for Gold.

Will you learn anything?  The film is based on actual events and you can get an idea of how investment works, but on the whole I’d say not, just enjoy!

Did I cry?  At last!  No!

Will you cry?  Oh no, there is nothing to cry about

Worth watching at the cinema?  Yes, I’d say so with this one, don’t put it above the likes of Hacksaw Ridge, Lion or Manchester by the Sea, but it is a good film




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